Since 1998

We started out as individual artists with a passion to make a living doing what we love. Most of us were already working in the industry but felt that it wasn't operating or specific to our passions. So, once Wolf Camera and the Ritz Camera chain began to out of business, we decided to take it upon ourselves to run things the way we saw fit. More personal and quality services to offer individuals became a desperate need. We knew that many people out there still need assistance from a professional to get their projects, prints, videos, technical help and advice. We simply couldn't just say goodbye and tell those customers that they are on their own. So, we are here to assist you with anything we can with our knowledge and services. With more customization and quality than before, you are guaranteed satisfaction. A new industry is born as we are here for you!.

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Stewart Brown

"I have employed the services of Trevor Bartlett and Carvelight, for graphics elements of my last three recording projects and have been pleased with all aspects of what they have to offer.Carvelight is easy to work with, responsive, and aware of all virtual end roads to getting my message across.  My graphics concepts are both progressive in nature and specific from an artistic and a business prospective, and Carvelight has been there, at every turn, to be sure I accomplish my goals.  I would be quick to use Trevor and Carvelight for all my graphics purposes in the future."

J‍ulie Aaronson

"Jordan (my daughter) had a few friends over last night so we showed them the slideshow. They could not believe how amazing it was.  Everyone loves the effect with the hand puppets and the crowd dancing below Adam.  You really did an incredible job."

D‍avid Butts

"Thanks you for all you are doing to help me.  I really have learned a lot & now it is time to practice my skills."

B‍onita Ebb

"Trevor you are a genius.  I love it.  Thank you."

L‍arry Lee

"I am blown away, good job."

J. Wimpfheimer

"It looks really great.  Thank you a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"