Byron Wigfall

Actor, Collaborator.

“I was the only child. Performance was all I had.”

Byron’s first memories of performing come from when he was 5.

“Dancing for my mom and her friends gave me purpose. I saw how I could affect people and I’ve been performing ever since…”

Since moving to Atlanta to pursue his career in film and television, he has held the lead in the “Justice Bites” Doritos commercial that made it into the top 30 videos eligible to be played during the Super Bowl in 2015. Last summer, he booked a Principal role in the Universal picture MENA with Tom Cruise as an Actor.

Byron continues to hone his craft under instructors like Victor Love and Grant McGowen while also creating his own work. Most recently Byron has been teaming up with Tiny House productions producing shorts for popular shows like Ladie’s Night at the Village Theater. At the 69 Hour Comedy Film Festival “Race Car” by Tiny House, written by Byron nabbed 2nd place in the festival!

Byron is currently enjoying his Meisner class and wants to take an improv class in the future. He’s been sketching out a couple of standup routines, but doesn’t know if he’s ready for that yet. With performance as his base, he looks forward to exploring many different means of its expression, but for now film acting is his focus.

“I plan to take one day at a time, and not over think. Just put one foot in front of the other.”

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